D&W Fresh Market Pharmacy

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We offer more prenatal vitamins and diabetes medications at zero cost to you and more than 250 different medications our low cost generic program.  See our in store pharmacy team for more details!

See a list of our $3.99 medications   See a list of our low cost $5.99 and $12.99 generic medications

On top of that we offer several vaccinations (flu shots included!) that are covered by most major insurance companies and our knowledgeable and experienced pharmacists are always prepared to lend a helping hand. Whether you need to fill a prescription, get advice on how to lower your blood pressure or you want to take advantage of one of the many health and wellness programs we offer all from the comfort of a store you know and love.

As a yes! rewards member, there is nothing else you need to do, we've got you covered! Get the smartphone app for iPhone and iPad through the Apple App Store or for Android Devices via Google Play Store.

D&W Fresh Market Pharmacy Locations

Caledonia - 9375 Cherry Valley Ave Se
Sun 10-4, Mon-Fri 9-8, Sat 9-5
Pharmacy Telephone:
(616) 891-7898
Grand Haven - 1116 Robbins Road
Mon-Fri 8-8, Sat 9-5, Sun Closed
Pharmacy Telephone:
(616) 846-7180
Grand Rapids - 2022 Apple Orchard Dr NE
Sun 10-4, Mon-Fri 8-8, Sat 9-5
Pharmacy Telephone:
(616) 361-3676
Grand Rapids - 6425 28Th St Se
Mon-Fri 8-7, Sat 9-5, Sun Closed
Pharmacy Telephone:
(616) 949-0340
Grand Rapids - 2181 Wealthy St SE
Sun 10-3, Mon-Fri 8-8, Sat 9-5
Pharmacy Telephone:
Holland - 50 Douglas Ave
Mon-Fri 8-7, Sat 9-5, Sun Closed
Pharmacy Telephone:
(616) 392-9735
Kalamazoo - 2103 Parkview Ave
Mon-Fri 8-8, Sat 9-5, Sun Closed
Pharmacy Telephone:
(269) 344-2513
Williamston - 151 W Grand River Ave
Mon-Fri 8-8, Sat 9-5, Sun Closed
Pharmacy Telephone:
(517) 655-1372

We've partnered with Mscripts, a leading healthcare technology provider to ensure that you have an exceptional experience and that all your information is safe, secure and shared only with you and your pharmacist.

*Our pharmacies are licensed in the following States:


  • Medsave Card

    Our Medsave Card program provides discounted medication for the whole family on a variety of prescription drugs, vaccinations and pet meds.

    Learn more

  • Immunizations

    Avoid a trip to your physician and handle your important immunizations right in the store. Our pharmacy team is trained and certified.

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  • Pharmacist at counter

    The wait is over

    Your in-store pharmacy helps you wait less. It’s easy:

    1. Drop off your prescription.
    2. Tell us when you want it.
    3. Pick it up – fast.

    Test us and see! Your pharmacy @ your fingertips.

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  • Timely Meds

    Timely Meds

    Timely Meds is the new pre-dosed perscription service and pill punch pack designed especially for you. Organized by day and time, it’s a convenient reminder to take your meds - filled by a licensed pharmacist who knows your specific medication needs.

    Learn More About Timely Meds

  • Learn about Medication Safety

    Medication Safety

    Did you know that unintentional drug overdoses take more American lives each year than any other form of accidental death, including vehicle accidents?1

    Click below to for tools that will assist you in being informed and equipped to prevent medication harm.

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  • New! Telemedicine from D&W Fresh Market Pharmacies!


    Telemedicine powered by Bonum Health, puts you in touch with U.S. Board Certified health providers right from your smart phone or computer. 

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