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behind the deli counter with Brian

Brian has worked in Deli for about a year at D&W Knapp’s Crossing making our Fresh & Finest craft sandwiches.

Brian enjoys working with his team in the busy deli. He knows he can trust his coworkers every day to work together to make customer shopping experiences positive and efficient!

Brian's Picks

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Subscribers Only
September Bonus Monthly Savings

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We’re proud to support local

We are proud to support Michigan businesses by offering locally and regionally grown fruits and vegetables, meats, and other products throughout our stores. From hometown brews to nearby salsa we carry over 2,000 local items.

Where shopping
is a pleasure

In business since 1943 with a tradition of quality, freshness, high customer service levels and community involvement, D&W Fresh Market is for people who appreciate good food.

With 10 D&W Fresh Market stores, our fresh market platform is the shopping destination for what’s unique and fresh and is where all culinary and service needs are exceeded. These premier grocery stores offer Starbucks, premium meats and cheeses, fresh sushi made daily, wine stewards, fresh seafood counters and fresh produce.