Triple Overtime Wines

Igor Larionov

"The Professor," one of the most accomplished players in the history of hockey and becoming equally well-known in the wine world for his own line of fine Australian and California wines, marketed under the brand "Triple Overtime Wine Company," a reference to Larionov's game winning goal in the 3rd overtime period of Game 3 of the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals. A long-time aficionado and collector of fine wines, Larionov has hand-selected and blended these wines with his partner Mike Davis, former owner of Metro Wine Distributors in Dearborn, Michigan. 

Produced in limited quantities, Larionov’s wines from California and Australia have been carefully selected and blended to achieve excellent traditional quality and to allow the grapes and the regions they come from to speak for themselves. The wines are notable for their structure, crafting and elegance. 

Also known as "the Professor" for his intelligent and thoughtful game, Russian player Igor Larionov has ripened into one of hockey's greats. After 12 years and 2 Olympic Gold Medals with the famous Soviet Red Army and Olympic teams, Larionov moved to the NHL. He has won three Stanley Cups Detroit Red Wings and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2008. His wine career began some 20 years ago when he began tasting, learning about and collecting Italian wines. His interest has grown to include all wine regions and varietals. Larianov brings the same "professor-ly" intelligence to the wines he produces. 

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