Montevina Vineyards

As Vice President and General Manager of Montevina, winemaker Jeff Meyers is responsible for all aspects of the winery, including the winemaking and vineyard management. His award-winning wines show the best of Amador County's potential. The Montevina are friendly wines, elegant and fresh. The wines of his various Terra d'Oro properties are rich and full-bodied, drinkable now, but also capable of aging in the cellar for up to 10 years. 

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Montevina sources most of its grapes from 400 acres of estate vines that are planted in thin, rocky, decomposed granite soils on a series of gentle slopes with an elevation somewhere between 1500 and 2000 ft. All of this, combined with cool night breezes off the Sierra Nevada's after those warm, warm days, make for some prime, grape-growing real estate. The vines are constantly selected and managed to keep vine growth to a minimum and crop yields low so that all their effort goes into ripening and not on making more leaves and canes. 

Sustainable Farming at Montevina

Wine growers are farmers. Montevina's commitment to sustainable agriculture is personal and all their estate-grown grapes are sustainably farmed. Sustainable agriculture integrates three goals: environmental health, economic profitability and social and economic equity. Reducing the need for pesticides, for example, helps achieve the first two. A little ingenuity can replace a lot of nasty chemicals. That's why the "weeds" between vine rows are actually carefully selected and seeded cover crops like clover, oats, peas and vetch. These leguminous plants help fix nitrogen from the air to "fertilize" the soil and grow tall enough in the spring to attract good bugs that feed on bad bugs harmful to newly budded vines. Montevina has also built owl boxes to encourage these nocturnal hunters to stick around and keep down the critter population. 

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Winemaking is art, science, passion and a healthy dose of voodoo. Montevina got their start in 1970 in the Sierra foothills and released their first wines in 1973.