12 Roasts of Christmas

12 meat roasts for Christmas
Beef Top Sirloin Roast with Smokey Chipotle Rub & chimichurri sauce

Beef Top Sirloin Roast

Beef Top Sirloin Roast is a tender cut of beef, with a delicious full bodied beef flavor and a budget friendly favorite too.  Try this recipe: 

Beef Top Sirloin Roast with Smokey Chipotle Rub & chimichurri sauce

beef standing rib roast


Standing Rib Roast

Also known as Prime Rib, the Standing Rib Roast is a truly show-stopping holiday roast.  This cut of beef is juicy, full of flavor, and not at all difficult to make.  Try this recipe:

Standing Rib Roast with Roasted Garlic Rub

pork shoulder roast slow roasted cider, apples, celery and cabbage

Pork Shoulder Roast

A Pork Shoulder Roast is a delicious cut of pork, extremely flavorful and ideal for holiday celebrations and all your celebrations! Try this recipe:

Pork Shoulder Roast Slow Roasted with cider and cabbage

Boneless Pork Loin Roast stuffed with figs and fresh savory herbs

Boneless Pork Loin Roast

The Boneless Pork Loin Roast is one of the easiest of roasts to master.  Tender, juicy and flavorful, it never disappoints.  Try this recipe:

Boneless Pork Loin Roast Stuffed with Figs and Fresh Savory Herbs

Leg of Lamb with roasted carrots and Anchoiade sauce

Leg of Lamb

It may sound intimidating, but here's a secret: Leg of Lamb is actually one of the easiest, most foolproof cuts of meat to cook. And is considered by many chefs to be the most delicate in flavor and texture.


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