One Day Lobster Sale Event

Catch them while you can!

Our one day Lobster Sale event returns on Saturday, October 1. Get live Maine lobster for only $12.99 each, beginning at 10:00 AM and while supplies last!

Don’t forget to grab some butter or lemon to top it off and some corn on the cob or a nice salad for the side!

At all D&W Fresh Market locations:

1163 U.S. 31 North Petoskey MI
1116 Robbins Road Grand Haven MI
1814 Breton Rd SE Grand Rapids MI
6425 28th St., SE Grand Rapids MI
50 Douglas Ave. Holland MI
2103 Parkview Ave. Kalamazoo MI
2181 Wealthy St. SE Grand Rapids MI
9375 Cherry Valley Av SE Caledonia MI
2022 Apple Orchard Dr NE Grand Rapids MI
151 W. Grand River Williamston MI


Maine Lobster offers healthy eaters a reason to celebrate

Maine Lobster is a lean source of protein and is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than skinless chicken breast! Lobster meat also includes many beneficial vitamins and minerals that increase brain activity, promote healthy bones and maintain healthy nerve cells.

  • Cooking Maine Lobster

    Benefits: Meat comes out of the shell more easily, cooks faster. Fill a large pot with water seasoned with sea salt, allowing three quarts of water per 1.5 -2 pounds of Lobster. Bring water to a rolling boil. Add live Lobster and start timing immediately. Do not cover. Stir Lobsters halfway through cooking. Let lobsters rest for five minutes after cooking to allow meat to absorb moisture from the shell. See cooking times chart for total cook time.

    Benefits: Yields more tender and flavorful meat, less likely to overcook. Pour two inches of water into a large pot and bring it to a rolling boil. Place lobsters in pot, cover tightly, return to a boil, and then start timing. See cooking times chart for total cook time.

    Parboiling or Blanching
    This method allows you to remove the meat for use in dishes that require further cooking. Follow directions for boiling, except cook for only two minutes, then remove meat while Lobsters are still warm.

    The Lobster should be individually wrapped in aluminum foil, placed on a cookie sheet to prevent messes and drips and cooked in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes, preheated at 350°F.

    Parboil lobsters for 5 minutes. Split lobsters down the middle underside with a sharp knife. Discard the green tomalley, sand sac near the head and black vein in the tail. Baste meat with oil or butter. Grill lobsters over medium heat, flesh side down, for 5-6 minutes. Turn, baste with oil/butter and cook for 4-5 minutes or until lobsters are cooked through, and meat is firm. Take care not to overcook.

  • Cooking Times

    Use weight of individual Lobsters.

    Lobster Boil Steam
    1 Lb. 8 Minutes 10 Minutes
    1.25 Lb. 9-10 Minutes 12 Minutes
    1.5 Lb. 11-12 Minutes 14 Minutes
    1.75 Lb. 12-13 Minutes 16 Minutes
    2 Lb.  15 Minutes 18 Minutes
    2.5 Lb.  20 Minutes 22 Minutes
    3 Lb.  25 Minutes 25-30 Minutes


Lobster pairing

What to pair with Maine Lobster

What wine should you serve with lobster? It should be white (or rosé). With red wine, the saltiness of the lobster will bring out the bitter tannins in the wine and the tannins in the wine will bring out the saltiness and iodine flavors of the seafood. It should be chilled, not too oaky, nor too acidic as you don’t want to mask the delicate flavor of the lobster.

In a nutshell, a successful pairing depends on how the lobster is prepared and served: hot or cold, simply steamed or grilled, served with flavored mayonnaise, a heavy cream sauce, a light sauce, a tomato sauce. But a not too dry sparkling, like a Prosecco will work well with most lobster dishes.


  • With a simple Steamed or Boiled Lobster, served with drawn butter and a squeeze of lemon, an Oregon Pinot Gris is PERFECT. Try our favorite Pike Road Willamette Pinot Gris.
  • For Grilled Lobster: The medium-bodied Jam Cellars Butter Chardonnay has just enough oak and tropical fruit to complement the flavors imparted by the grill without competing with the lobster.
  • For the classic summer favorite, a Maine Lobster Roll:  the Fourrey Premier Cru Chablis is just right. Very different from California Chardonnay, crisper, its flavors more citrus and apple than tropical fruit, its oak subdued, it has a pleasant minerally flavor that complements the cold lobster, hint of pepper heat, the tarragon, and crunchy celery (or cucumber).

A Fair Weather Maine Lobster Roll

Follow our directions for boiling your lobster. Immediately pull lobster from boiling water, plunge into a large pot of ice water, and allow to chill completely before shelling.

Fill a split top hot dog roll with: 4 oz. lobster cooked, chilled lobster meat, gently stirred with: 

¼ C real mayonnaise
½ C finely diced celery or cucumber
2 thinly sliced green onions
2 tsp minced fresh tarragon
1 TBS freshly squeezed lemon juice
Freshly ground black pepper
Little pinch of cayenne