National Nutrition Month 2020

March is National Nutrition Month 2020

Where to start?  Bite by bite!  'Eat Right, Bite by Bite' is the theme for National Nutrition Month 2020 and reminds us every little bit (or bite!) of nutrition is a step in the right direction. 

March 2020 National Nutrition Month

Nutrition doesn't have to be overwhelming

Small goals and changes can have a cumulative healthful effects and nutrition doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Instead of committing to a restrictive diet, choose one or two ways to eat healthier, or eat smaller portions of less nutritious foods such as sugar sweetened beverages, refined grains, snack foods, and desserts.

Below are a few ideas to get started:

Choose water, milk, or 100% juice instead of fruit drinks and regular sodas

Choose whole grains over refined grains, such as using Our Family Whole Wheat Pasta when preparing your family meal

Instead of a larger serving of chips or pretzels, have a smaller amount, but pair with a string cheese stick or handful of almonds

Instead of a larger piece of cake, have a smaller piece with fresh fruit!

Since 90% of Americans do not eat enough fruits and veggies, by simply focusing on adding more veggies to your meals and fruits and veggies as snacks, we can achieve better nutrition!

Whole Grain Sampling Day - March 27, 2020

In addition to National Nutrition Month, another important food holiday occurs in March - Whole Grain Sampling Day! 

Whole Grain Sampling Day highlights the importance of choosing whole grains over refined grains for better nutrition and to promote health and encourages supermarkets to offer food demos that include whole grains for customers to try. A handful of our locations will be participating in Whole Grains Sampling Day on March 27, 2020. 

Be sure to stop in to try Cheesy Fiesta Rice made with Our Family brown rice.  In addition to brown rice, a few other favorite whole grains include: farro, oatmeal, popcorn, and whole wheat bread, pasta and crackers. 

Look for 'whole grain' as the first ingredient on the ingredient list.  Whole grains are higher in fiber which promotes heart health and gut health.  Whole grains can also aid in weight loss and/or weight management since whole grains are more filling which means you may eat less and feel fuller, longer before needing another snack or meal. 

Be sure to shop D&W Fresh Market for a great selection of whole grains all year round

Cheesy Fiesta Rice recipe

Cheesy Fiesta Rice


1 package (8.5 oz) Our Family brown rice|
1 can (10 oz) Our Family tomatoes with chilies
1/2 cup Our Family sharp cheddar cheese, shredded


Cook rice according to package directions.  Carefully pour cooked rice into a serving bowl.  Stir in the tomatoes with chilies and cheese until combined.  Serve.