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Cheese tasting can be as much fun as wine tasting. Check your D&W Fresh Market for other varieties that may be available.

Imported Specialty Cheese

  • What Makes It "Special"
  • By definition, a specialty cheese has one or more unique qualities like an exotic origin, limited supply, a particular processing method or unusual packaging. While each cheese has its own characteristics, specialty cheeses have one thing in common - high quality.

Artisanal Cheeses

Artisanal cheeses are specialty cheeses that are handmade in relatively small batches according to traditional methods. While these are not made in huge quantities, many find their way into national distribution. All artisanal cheeses are specialty cheeses, but not all specialty cheeses are artisanal.

  • Belletoile Triple Cream Brie (bell le twa)
  • From France, this is a rich buttery brie. It’s 70% cream, making it extremely creamy and smooth with a rather mild flavor. Light and airy before dinner, it’s equally pleasing as a dessert cheese. At room temperature it cuts like butter. Easy to spread, it works well with dried fruits and preserves!
  • D&W Fresh Market Wine Specialist recommends: A chilled aromatic white wine is just the thing with the rich, creamy double and triple cream Bries. Try the stunning Viognier from Cline.

Boursin Cheese

  • Perhaps the best known of the triple crèmes cheeses, Boursin cheese is mild, smooth and creamy.
  • Imported from France, Boursin is a soft, uncured cheese, moist with a high water content that has a delicate flavor and velvety consistency. 100% natural, with no additives, gums or preservatives, it is rich and creamy with some tartness.
  • Boursin is a traditional favorite for hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, salads, entree salads and also brings a touch of France to meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. Good with fruit and wine.
  • D&W Fresh Market Wine Specialist recommends: Boursin likes Sauvignon Blanc's citrusy, grassy flavors. Try the wonderful Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand.

Comté (con-tay)

  • From southeast France made only from the milk of the Montbeliard cow. The Comté is slightly nutty in flavor and firm in texture and it has a buttery backdrop that prefers a light fresh wine such as Chardonnay.
  • As an appetizer, Comté is perfect cut into small cubes. Comté is a traditional fondue cheese. Comté can also be grated, chunked or melted.
  • D&W Fresh Market Wine Specialist recommends: Comte is perfect for a wine tasting because it enhances the wine's flavor without overwhelming it. Comté’s nutty flavor allows it to go well with red or white wines. Try it with our new "house" wines from Oak Grove, especially the slightly sweet Pinot Grigio or the full-flavored, deep-red Petite Sirah.


  • Originating in the Netherlands, Baby Gouda is usually coated in red wax; more mature Gouda has a yellow wax coating and black wax or brown rind suggests it has been smoked and aged for over a year.
  • The cheese itself is straw-colored, with a firm and creamy texture scattered with small holes. Typically aged for only a few months before it reaches maturity, it is mild and nutty, and is often available smoked or with caraway seeds. Gouda melts quickly when it is shredded and heated.
  • Suggested Pairings
  • Mild Gouda: Peaches, melons, apricots and cherries. Serve with fruity red or white wine, lager beer, orange juice, apple juice, flavored tea and citrus sparkling water.
  • D&W Fresh Market Wine Specialist recommends: Gewurztraminer with its apricot and peach flavors is just the wine for mild Gouda. Or, for a red-wine, try a light-bodied Beaujolais.

Aged Gouda: Apples and pears. Serve with hearty red wine, beer, coffee, cider and sparkling red grape juice.

  • D&W Fresh Market Wine Specialist recommends: Here's a place to try a spicy California Zinfandel. How about 7 Deadly Zins Zinfandel!

Smoked or flavored Gouda:

  • Apples, pears, thinly sliced prosciutto. Serve with red wine, beer, sparkling cider, tomato or vegetable juice and cran-grape juice.
  • D&W Fresh Market Wine Specialist recommends: Try this with a chilled dry rosé. Or you can match its slightly smokey flavor with a Syrah (Remember: Shiraz is the same grape!)

Parmigiano Reggiano

  • Called the "king of cheese," the world's most famous hard cheese utilizes a natural process that hasn't changed for 700 years! This cheese has a high calcium, protein, phosphorus and vitamin content. Like a fine wine it is smooth, nutty, full bodied and is crisp to the taste, a little bit goes a long way.
  • One of the most imitated products, there is a difference. The less expensive kinds of Parmesan type cheese are aged approximately 10 months compared to 18-24 months for Parmesan Reggiano made in Italy.
  • Delicious grated over salad, pasta, risotto or eaten all alone with a glass of Amarone or a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar, the rind can also be added to soups or stews for extra flavor.
  • Tip: Grate as you need it to maintain its freshness as long as possible. Keep it wrapped in wax paper, place in a Ziploc or similar storage bag in your refrigerator for up to 6 months if wrapped securely.
  • D&W Fresh Market Wine Specialist recommends: Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the great nibbling cheeses. It invites Italian wines, white or red! Try it with our award winning Tiziano Chianti Classico, or with a chilled fruity Pinot Grigio like the Kris Pinot Grigio. Add some olives and thin sliced Genoa salami.

Roth's Kase Private Reserve

  • Crafted in copper vats and aged on wooden boards in the Roth Kase Cellars, the Roth’s Private Reserve is a raw milk washed-rind cheese that celebrates the Swiss heritage of the Roth family, while capturing the unique terroir of Southern Wisconsin. This charming, seasonal cheese exhibits fruity notes in the spring and summer, and then a bigger, beefier flavor profile in the fall and winter. It’s ivory interior is dense and rich, with occasional crystallization. Made from cow’s milk, cure time is nine (9) months minimum.
  • D&W Wine Specialist recommends: Roth’s Kase Private Reserve goes well with hazelnuts, almonds, apples and grapes, or apricot or fig preserves. Try it with Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Porter or Leinenkugel!

Stilton Cheese

  • This classic cheese of England has a full-bodied flavor and unique mouth feel-full but light. Authentic Stilton cheese must be produced only in the three counties of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.
  • This creamy and mellow cheese goes well with your favorite Port wine. Stilton is also good as an ingredient in sauces, in soups, in omelets or mixed with mayonnaise, cream and eggs to produce a dip or dressing for a wide variety of dishes.
  • Stilton is not a "pressed cheese," and it is therefore open textured and slightly fragile. It should be kept refrigerated until required, allowed to warm to room temperature before consumption and then wrapped in film wrap to prevent drying out. Storage above 5 degrees C will start the cheese "working" again which is to be avoided.
  • D&W Fresh Market Wine Specialist recommends: Something rich and sweet goes well with Stilton. In fact, the classic English pairing is Port. Try our Jonesy Port from Australia for a caramelly port at an everyday price. For a classic Portugese Port, try the nutty, rich Warre's Otima port. A chilled Late Harvest Riesling and ripe pears are a match with Stilton. For big red wine lovers, Stilton is a cheese that can stand up to a big, fruit-forward California Cabernet Sauvignon.