Cash for Class

Give to your local school or non.profit organization through our Cash for Class program.

During the following weeks, shop and your purchases will be credited to the schools you select. 

September 20-26, 2015
October 18-24, 2015
November 22-28, 2015

Program Details

  1. The program will be tied directly to your yes Rewards card.
  2. You can choose up to two (2) groups to link your yes card. 
  3. Go to to link your card to the groups of your choice. You only have to link your yes card once and you will not have to remember to tell the cashier during the event weeks – once you link your card – it will automatically calculate the donation for the groups chosen.
  4.  In April, groups receive checks based on the percentage of all members’ purchases.
Already a yes member but don’t have an on-line account set up?
Just visit the, click 'Sign Up’ and follow the steps to complete your on-line account registration.  During the registration process, you will be able to link your group code (s).
Already a yes member and have an on-line account?
Log into your account by entering your e-mail address and password under ‘Sign In’ and go to the 'Preferences' page to link your group code (s).
You will continue to get ad savings and help raise money for your favorite group as you have done in the past.

Watch for exciting program announcements in 2016!