Sparkling Mixology Party

Sparkling Wine Party
It used to be bartenders bartending. Now it’s “mixologists” practicing the science of “mixology.”  Bar culture began to change in the early 90s with an interest in 100% agave “sipping” tequilas, the single malts, small batch bourbons, and with all the “designer martinis” suddenly popping up on every bar menu. Now the cocktail culture is full-blown, and mixologists get degrees and gain fame in hot urban bars for their creative new spirited recipes. Whether you are inventing new drinks or reviving the classics, you too can have fun with drinks. 


Sparkling Wine Options


Provide: Three basic sparkling wines
2-3 bottles each depending on the size of your party, chilling in a large tub of ice.

An assortment of flavorings & garnishes (you can ask guests to contribute from their cabinets)

An assortment of chilled juices: peach and pear nectar, fresh squeezed orange juice, apple juice, hibiscus tea, pink grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, coconut water

Spirits & friends for a Flavor Layer: triple sec or another orange liqueur, cognac, Canton Ginger liqueur, Crème de Cassis, St. Germain Elderflower, Campari, orange bitters, limoncello,  gin, tequila, red vermouth, kirsch, Cointreau, vodka, coconut cream, grenadine syrup.

Garnishes: mint leaves, sprigs of rosemary,  fresh thyme, lemon, lime, and orange twists, pink peppercorns, cut seasonal fruits, fresh berries, etc.

  1. Have guests work in teams of two, invent and name an entry for the winner's circle.
  2. If you know a couple of bartenders or mixologists or just impartial cocktail geeks, set them up as judges.
  3. Identify a time entries are due so that teams can have cocktails at the judging table, fresh and cold for judges to rate.
  4. Judges should choose winning overall sparkling cocktail and describe its virtues when they present the award. You could even have several categories: Best Name, Best Looking, Best Tasting, etc. 

Rosalind Srb Mayberry


Roz Mayberry, has been buying the wine for the D&W Fresh Markets for nearly 20 years, and tastes it all, of course. She leads a team of thirteen enthusiastic wine and food knowledgeable Stewards who keep the customers interested and happy in the stores every day. Roz grew up on the east coast, where she spent most of her childhood outside, just rummaging around in the woods, or reading and day dreaming. She loves nothing better than summer camping, especially on the northern coast of Maine, looking up into the night sky, listening to the Atlantic rush over the rocks, and drinking Sauvignon Blanc with lobster. She moved to her new home on the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan in the early 1970s. Travel-to-eat and years of life in France have made her a hopeless foodie. Roz supplies the content for Destination Wine and watches in wonder as Nichole and Matt bring it to life.