Mangiamo Wine Tasting Event

with our D&W Wine Stewards

Here we are, hard at work, exploring wines from South America, France, Washington, California, and Croatia! 

D&W Fresh Markets are proud to feature the services of passionate and friendly wine stewards, all dedicated to expanding their extensive knowledge of food and wine in order to serve you better. These experienced wine geeks and foodies are constantly reading reviews, 

researching what is happening in vineyards all over the world, and keeping track of the latest trends in the wine and food industry. From discovering brand new wines to locating hard-to-find vintages for enthusiasts who collect and cellar wines, our team is always working to meet the wants and needs of our customers. 

Our team meets frequently for seminars and tastings with winemakers and suppliers to determine which new wines will be added to our shelves. We take our selection process seriously,  and always consider the many interests, desires, and budgets of our customers. After lengthy and thoughtful discussions, we vote. 




What did we choose at this event? 

Three rosés from sunny Provence. Familiar to many of our customers over the last 15 years, but only recently gaining a large following all over the U.S., these wonderful summer quaffers are delicious, affordable, and great with appetizers. Be sure to chill your dry rosés! 

Plavac Mali from Croatia. This is the Old World ancestor of Zinfandel, which was once presumed to grow only in California. Compare it with your favorite California Zinfandel and see for yourself. 

Look for them in our stores! 




The team also recently tasted Italian wines with Ben Bisordi from the Allegrini Winery, which dates back to the 16th century. Ben introduced us to the vineyards near Verona, Italy, the setting the ill-fated love story of Romeo and Juliet, and to a delicious trio of wines. Each wine was paired with an appropriate Italian dish. 

The Allegrini wines were featured at the Great Wine and Food Symposium on Feb 26th with a delicious array of Italian breads and cheeses as well as a wonderful selection of Italian deli meats. These wines will be available in our stores in March and we will be sampling them in the stores during the summer. 

Take the Trip 

To the Veneto region that the D&W wine team took, with the following pairings: 

  • Allegrini Palazzo della Torre with a rich pork stew 
  • Pieropan Soave with simple shrimp cocktail 
  • Allegrini La Grola with classic lasagna