It’s got a ring to it.

Kalamazoo is one of Michigan’s more unique town names; its origin remains a mystery, but most stories trace the name back to the Potawatomi tribe naming the river kikalamezo, meaning “boiling pot”. What exactly made the river a boiling pot, we’re not entirely sure. But if the town’s cool name is any hint, Kalamazoo takes its natural beauty very seriously. From its namesake river, to sprawling nature preserves and recreation trails, Kalamazoo is a dream come true for the outdoorsy-type.

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But when you're not wandering a pine forest or riding a bicycle to South Haven, check out Downtown Kalamazoo for all sorts of entertainment: artisan shops, theatres, even rock climbing, Kalamazoo also boasts 14 craft breweries - a rather impressive number for a town of 75,000 people.

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One of Kalamazoo's largest craft breweries, Arcadia Ales started brewing beer in 1996 - about 25 miles east of town in Battle Creek. They moved to Kalamazoo in 2014 - building a 30,000 square foot riverfront brewery & brewpub. It's the home to one of the several outdoor patio spaces that Downtown Kalamazoo has to offer.

Proud to Support Michigan, Arcadia Ales
Proud to Support Michigan, Arcadia Ales

With stores in Kalamazoo and Portage, we're proud to serve the Greater Kalamazoo community, and to call it HOME.
Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll be out on the Kal-Haven Trail - see you there.

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