Drink Local: Short's Brewing

The craft beer industry is all about embracing the unorthodox and bizarre. In this popular market, innovation means better business, and better business means more beer. Short's Brewing Co. has been Michigan's model for embracing its uniqueness and being unapologetically themselves.

D W Fresh Market Drink Local Short's Brewing

The village of Bellaire, home to roughly 1,100 people, is best described as modest. A massive summer influx of vacationers and other tourists could easily turn this community into a cheesy summer cliché, but Bellaire keeps it's charm - no matter the season. Shorts' taproom modestly blends in along the storefronts on M-88 - perfectly comfortable amongst its fellow Bellaire shops and businesses. But upon opening the taproom door, the reality of Short's success begins to set in as what appears as the whole village enjoying a Short's brew.

Drink Local Short's Brewing D&W Fresh Market Joe Short

Instead of specializing in specific varieties and genres of brewing, Short's wants to raise the bar on what their customers should expect. "I honestly believe that there is a beer for everyone", Joe Short said of his brewing mission. " We're making lots of different beers for lots of different people."

Drink Local Short's Brewing D&W Fresh Market

So whether it's a Soft Parade, Starcut Cider, or a limited release brew, we're proud to support Short's and to keep drinking local.