Now we're all very familiar with Grand Rapids, obviously. But if you take US-131 south to 100th Street and head east, you'll run into the village of Caledonia.

The village, originating back to 1838, is a gentle reminder to take a deep breath and to enjoy the little things. This community celebrates quality over quantity and isn't afraid to show their pride (you'll see quite a bit of purple around here).

Caledonia HOME Local

The Thornapple River, running just east of town, is a beautiful spot for canoeing or kayaking. Pack a lunch and drop in off of 84th street for an easy weekend trip!

And for all you golfers out there, Saskatoon Golf Club is one of our favorites in the area.

Caledonia HOME Local

Though it might sit in the shadow of the big city, we like it out here in Caledonia. With good people and lovely surroundings, it's a great reminder to not sweat the small stuff.

With our store in the Caledonia Village Centre on Cherry Valley Avenue, we're proud to serve the Caledonia community, and call it HOME.

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Caledonia HOME Local