Up and Coming New Wines to Try Out for Summer

Summer is coming, and with it, are some fun and flavorful new wines. Now is the time to open your wine horizons, to try wines from different regions of the wide wine growing world, to taste the flavors of new grapes, to discover wines that go with the flavors of the fresh seasonal veggies and fruits hitting our produce departments, or to “go to wine summer school.”  Explore the enormous variety of summer worthy wines in red, white and rosé.

Summer Whites

Sauvignon Blanc has been around forever, and though we think of it as a California wine, it originates in France. In warm climates it makes a wine with tropical fruit flavors. From cooler climates, it produces a tarter and fresher wine with more citrusy flavors, a more thirst quenching summer version. Either way, it is increasingly popular. It pairs wonderfully with seafood and light summer chicken salads, with asparagus and vegetarian dishes. White Blends, too, especially whites from Mediterranean regions, where they have a tradition of warm summers and relaxing, make great summer sippers. Some of our most popular white wines come from southern France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Chill your white wines and keep them cold in an ice bucket.

  • TRY our new Mohua [moh-who-ah] Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. This 90 Point medium bodied white, with peachy fruit, ginger, and grapefruit flavors is a delicious example of New Zealand Sauv Blanc. Serve it with char grilled fish baster in a pineapple teriyaki marinade or a cold asparagus salad with mustard sauce.
  • TRY this sleeper: Domaine Saint Lannes [lahn], a white blend from the French region of Gascony, complex, fresh, and lively. Serve it with appetizers, seafood, summer salads.
  • TRY the amazing 90 Point Soave [soh-ah-vay] Pieropan Soave D.O.C. from the Veneto region of Italy, with its slightly floral aromas and tangy citrus and mineral flavors. Our wine steward team tried it last week with a light sausage pasta dish with grilled red peppers and onions. Would also pair well with vegetarian fare, soups, or quiche. Or serve as an aperitif.
  • TRY our popular Famega Vinho Verde from Portugal, a low alcohol, low-cal, bright, refreshing, slightly spritzy wine. Pour it over ice with a wedge of lime for a wine cooler.
  • And don’t forget the refreshing and affordable sparkling wines. There are many alternatives to the more expensive, heavier classic French Champagnes for summer sipping.
  • TRY Segura Viudas Cava Brut Reserva [seg-goo-rah vee-oo-duss-broot rus-zer-vah] from Spain, made in the traditional method of French champagnes. The bubbles are fine; the nose and flavors elegant.  Reviewers give this a “Best Buy” designation year after year. Great aperitif, it also goes with any dish. Excellent choice for that wedding toast.
  • TRY Saint Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux [Saint-eel-air-blawn-kett-duh-lee-moo]. It may be a mouthful to say, but more to the point it is a delicious mouthful to drink. The oldest sparkling wine in France, it is fresh, lively and dry, perfect for celebrating the hazy, lazy days of summer.

Summer Rosé

Rosé is pouring in from wineries here at home and from wineries all over the world. We have an abundance for tasting around to find your favorites from sweeter blushes like the all-American favorite, the so-called “White” Zin to the Mediterranean rosés which are mostly dry, sometimes bone dry, and minerally, and often with hints of fresh strawberry. They are great to sip chilled, on their own or served with summery salads, a variety of hors d’oeuvres or with fried or grilled chicken.

  • TRY our delightful new French Pool Toy, only at D&W, coming this Thursday. This is a “buy by the case” “go anywhere” summer sipper. It is crisp, dry, and refreshing.

Summer Reds

Lighter Summer Reds:  There are always those who claim, “I only drink reds!” but even red wine only drinkers are looking for alternatives to the heavy, jammy Napa Cabs and hot spicy zins that go so well with the heavier dishes of winter meals. There are great refreshing red wines that go with lighter summer fare, that don’t make you tired and overheated on a warm summer day. It’s time to adventure into that world now, too, the world of cool climate Pinot Noir and Mediterranean reds. These reds can be cooled, not iced.

  • TRY Pike Road Oregon Pinot Noir, a well-priced, 90 Point lighter, refreshing and elegant Pinot Noir, perfect for char broiled salmon or sautéed mushrooms.
  • TRY Chateau Grand Traverse Gamay Noir from Michigan, made from the same grape as France’s Beaujolais, this lighter-bodied red with its tart cherry and black pepper flavors is a good choice for the cheese board, roasted vegetables, grilled salmon or a simple steak.
  • TRY 90 Point Allegrini Valpolicella DOC from the Veneto Region of Italy. With its spice, berry and ripe cherry flavors, and smooth mouthfeel is delicious with light pasta dishes and pizza.
  • We count red wine Sangria as one of Spain’s greatest inventions. Heated in winter or chilled in summer, wine flavored with fruit and spices goes back to the Middle Ages or earlier. Make your own and serve it over ice. OR…
  • TRY the authentic, all natural Spanish Begonia Sangria in a generous 1 Liter bottle.  You can add fresh fruit, if you want, but all the right fruit and spice flavors are already infused. Chill or add ice!

We offer a large selection of wines from all over the world for all seasons, all palates, all pocket books and all occasions. We are bringing in new wines every month for the adventuresome wine drinker.  So, remember to talk with the passionate and knowledgeable D&W Wine Steward in your D&W Fresh Market. We love food and wine!